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Dream it. Find it. Grow it.

A dream is where it all starts. Some are bigger and bolder than others, but they share one thing in common: We all want a space that we can call our own.

Browse through our designs to discover how we can transform your dream into a plan. Next, spend some no-strings-attached time with us where we discuss your options and any necessary alterations. Let’s make it happen.

The build is the time where we pull all the ideas and people together to make your dream space a reality. That’s why we don’t take any shortcuts. The result? Something you can proudly call your own.

All our builders are qualified or on their way toward it.
That means no hammer hands or labourers, only qualified builders or apprentices. This means we’re invested in the outcome and delivering high-end builds.

No hidden profits.
We’re all about transparency and no surprises so you can see what we’re doing, and how much it’s going to cost.

Always looking for ways to improve.
It’s no secret that the construction industry isn’t perfect. But we’re committed to doing our bit to reduce our environmental footprint. We’re economical with our materials and keep timber onsite to reduce waste.

Over 16 years on the tools.
Owner and certified builder, Tony Buchanan, has been building since 2004.

Your trusted local Rodney & North Shore builders.
We’re tired of Aucklanders getting ripped off and the building industry getting a bad reputation for cowboys doing substandard work. We love nothing more than seeing our clients happy. That’s why we’re all about communicating with you well and often, being frank and upfront with you about costs and timeframes, and delivering personalised, superior quality homes.

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