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Shane Harrison of Buildrite Builders LTD has been building in Tauranga for over 16 years.  Shane started working with ICF products and building Ambionse brand block homes 8 years ago and loves the significant performance advantages they provide.

ICF systems are simple, cost effective and easy to work with.  They are hollow foam blocks that stack to form exterior walls, then reinforced with steel rebar and filled with concrete.  Expanded polystyrene with one of the strongest building materials available -reinforced concrete results in unmatched strength, comfort, energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Shane loved the product so much he has built his family their dream home out of Ambionse ICF insulated concrete.  Not only is their home beautiful, solid and warm during winter it is easy to heat and their home is cool in summer. Shane has incorporated some eco-friendly waste management and interior home heating solutions in their home and he can assist you to make eco-friendly choices in your build.  Shane can help you with design ideas and implementing eco-solutions in your build.

The future of building is now about resilience, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.  With rising timber prices and rising energy costs insulated concrete forms are a beneficial alternative for construction in New Zealand.  New Zealand has an ever changing climate with very cold wet winters and hotter than usual summers, floods and earthquakes it makes sense to build better with insulated concrete forms providing strength, sustainability, and greater insulation.  Insulation rating is R3.5.

ICF are resilient, efficient, have a four hour fire rating, fast to construct and have lower green house emissions verses wood framing that have limited durability, they lack continuous insulation, are flammable, and have significant environmental impact.  With many New Zealand homes not withstanding our wet climate and being built substandard we have the “leaky building” crisis.  By building with these products and using this system you are assured a water tight healthy home

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