Bull BBQ
Bull BBQ
Bull BBQ


Finally, a grill that cooks evenly!

This grill gets very hot on high! I have not found any spot on the grill where it does not cook evenly, except perhaps an inch from the edges. The drip pan is the full length of the grill and very easy to slide out and clean... I agree with the other reviews, this is the last grill you will ever buy. 

Karen Lange

Happy Angus Owner

Michael Cooper on Aug 23, 2021 The grill gets to operating temperature quickly and maintains a hotter temperature than my old propane units, twice the BTUs. Sears burgers and steaks with ease. 

Michael Cooper

Like New In Season 3

My 3 year old Angus cart looks and performs just as well as the fist year. We live right on the coast 8 the wind is always blowing moist salty air in off the ocean and I've not seen a hint of corrosion. Every screw and bolt is made of stainless. 

Chris R