Compass Pools NZ sell self cleaning, fiberglass swimming pools with a lifetime structural warranty.

Compass Pools can help you transform your backyard into a resort-style oasis. When people dream of having a pool at home, they have visions of relaxing poolside and enjoying fun times in the sun with family and friends. What they don’t picture is any of the work that comes with looking after that pool.

With a Compass self-cleaning pool you can truly live the dream; your pool will always be ready to swim in, it will always look clean and inviting and you do not have to do any of the hard work! The Vantage self-cleaning system which is exclusive to Compass Pools has revolutionised residential pools by eliminating the need for manual cleaning or heavy robot cleaners. By using a unique circulation method these pools also use less chemicals and can reduce your power consumption too!

For over 40 years Compass Pools have been renowned for innovation in the fiberglass pool industry including:

  • The development of ceramic core technology makes our pools stronger and better suited to changing ground conditions.
  • The invention of biluminite colour systems which bring the pool walls and floors to life when filled with water.
  • Our patented hydrostatic relief system makes us the only pool manufacturer in the world to warranty against hydrostatic damage.
  • The invention of Maxirib technology means Compass Pools can be installed anywhere from hillsides to rooftops.
  • The ability to customise pools at the production process to include vanishing edges, pool and spa combos, acrylic windows and more!

Our network of authorised independent dealers is spread right throughout New Zealand and can help you design and build the ultimate pool space for your backyard.


The kids have been in the pool almost every night, two hours tonight! I even got in on Saturday! We are so lucky to have some swimming time before winter, thanks so much for the great job you did. Love the Vantage cleaning system, it is brilliant!

Kylie and Jamie Reith

We wish to express our gratitude to Compass Pools. The professional manner and camaraderie amongst your team from selection and digging through to tilling and completion was fantastic.

 Stu, your relaxed, efficient, happy manner and huge knowledge are an asset and the advice you gave us with pool landscaping was much appreciated – we went blank!

 Again, your patience when teaching us about the chemicals was great. You are a fantastic team that made a complicated, expensive process very easy and enjoyable!

 We are thrilled with our pool. Many thanks to you all. Roll on summer!

Sue and Doug Lawson, Rolleston

We brought our pool in 2007 and over this time we have never cleaned our pool manually. As we live on a farm we get large amounts of grass and debris when there are North West winds. All we do is turn our Vantage Self Cleaning system on for longer. We wouldn’t even know how to clean our pool manually.

Phil and Sally Thompson, Amberley

We have had our Compass Pool for 7 years now and we love it. Consistent water quality and extremely low maintenance make operating our pool a dream. The Vantage Self-cleaning system is amazing and is a must for every Compass Pool. After-sales support has been faultless and I would highly recommend Compass Pools to anyone considering investing in a swimming pool.

Mike & Becky Barnett, Ohoka

I first started talking to Jan and Stu at Compass in Nov 2009 about getting a new pool. We were very impressed by the product and its features. We particularly liked the fact that there is no 'building' of a pool on-site, it comes ready to go. The team at Compass was great, and they really do have a fantastic product. What we like in particular is how we could spec our pool so it is fully automated, which means very limited cleaning for us, the pool monitors all its chlorine needs and it adjusts pH by itself. So the favourite feature for us is not having to clean and maintain it all the time.

Ed Harrison, Ashburton

We first spoke with Stu and Jan from Compass Pools when we were thinking of landscaping concepts for our rural property. After tossing a few ideas around, we decided to go ahead with a pool. Dealing with Compass Pools has been very good, when we had some subcontractor woes, they really went the extra mile and took charge and responsibility of everything associated with their pools. They try very hard to do the best they can for themselves and their customers. Their customer care is really up there, they worked through the earthquake to get the pool in and that was no easy job! The end result is excellent. The Australian pool has an outstanding construction, of course coming from a country where home pools are commonplace, you’d think they’d know their stuff, and they do. The construction is excellent, well-thought-out and the easy-care maintenance is definitely a bonus. At the end of the day, what we really love about our pool is the luxury of having a pool at your front door – especially over the hot summer we’re having.

Steve, Christchurch

When looking around for a swimming pool we chose a Compass Pool because of the self-cleaning system (Vantage) and due to the structure and materials of the pool (being a pre-moulded ceramic composite pool). We live in a high water table area and heard that people had problems with other pool types. Our pool was installed in time for Summer 2009 and ourselves and our children have thoroughly enjoyed it. We found both Jan and Stu very easy to deal with. The employees of Compass Pools were very professional and pleasant. The whole experience of choosing, installing and now utilising the pool has been an all-around positive experience. Even though it’s winter, with the in-pool lighting and gorgeous colour we are able to light it up on these cold nights and visually enjoy its beauty. We have no regrets about installing a Compass Pool.

Janey and Tim George, Amberley

It is always a pleasure to deal with a company such as Compass Pools NZ who are excited and extremely confident about the product they are selling. They offered a wealth of information regarding the various options available without the pressure of any sales pitch. We are convinced that our Compass Pool is the best product available on the market today and are confident our young family will have many more years of problem-free enjoyment.

I would highly recommend Stuart and his team to anyone considering the purchase of a good quality in-ground pool.

Peter Currey, Brooklands, Christchurch

The best part about Compass Pools is the ONGOING service that you provide....I am one of those annoying clients that always want chemical advice and you are always happy to return a call and make sure that we get the right advice. When you live in an isolated area like we do that kind of service is invaluable! As you know we have already recommended you to our friends. I happen to know that the Allred family from Methven are also thrilled with their Compass Pool that you put in. Well done!

Anna Hutchinson, Double Hill Station, Rakaia

I thought I'd flick you this note to thank you for the fantastic work you did on our pool installation. The Compass pool looks great and the process in dealing with Compass Christchurch was superb. You and your team made the whole process seamless and always kept us up to date with progress. The instruction on the use and operation of the pool was invaluable as was the advice you gave us around heating, covers and maintenance.

As I mentioned the pool looks superb and really sets off our backyard, the kids have hardly been out of it. I would happily recommend you to anyone considering a pool, the service you provided easily exceeded our expectations. Thanks once again.

Stuart Roberts, Regional Manager, Private Banking, ANZ and The National Bank

We have completed our third summer with our Compass Pool and I just wanted to drop you both a wee note to say a big THANK YOU.

When we first looked at getting a pool for our home I was very nervous about it all because I knew that I would probably be the one to look after it but I need not have worried. The best thing about my Compass Pool is that it virtually looks after its self. Stuart, I know you carefully taught me about chemical testing but I have found it much easier to just drop some water into the pool centre in town a couple of times over summer and once over winter and have it analysed for me.

As far as the cleaning of the pool goes, it has been just amazing. Over the time we have had it, I have only had to vacuum it twice and that was because there were stones down the deep end that I couldn’t reach by diving. I have found as long as I am diligent with keeping the filters clean (ten mins to do) and backwash it regularly, then the pool simply looks after itself.

It's funny Stuart, you told me what it would be like to have the Compass Pool over other pools on the market but you were very easy to deal with and there is always a ‘niggle’ in the back of your mind that maybe the ‘sales spiel’ is bolstered a bit, BUT I think that in some respects you underestimated how perfect your pool is for us as a family. My daughter has recently bought a house close-by and she has a pool as well which is not unfortunately a Compass Pool, and she is forever cleaning it, stressing out about the chemicals she needs and because it is not a saltwater pool like ours she is finding the chemicals are costing her much more than she anticipated. This is sad for her Stuart, but it really has shown me just how wise we were to listen to you, neither Lea nor I have had any regrets putting in one of your pools.

Once again, thank you, not just for the pool but also for the peace of mind knowing that you both are just a phone call away if I need to ask any questions or need advice.

It is great to have you based in Christchurch now and Lea and I wish you both the very best for the future.

Lynda Clough, Ohoka, Christchurch

The whole family spends a lot of time training every day (we almost need a roster!) as well as many hours having fun. As far as Christmas presents go, this one won't be beaten! The pool is just amazing and we are delighted to have chosen the Fast Lane, it suits us just perfectly. Your professionalism is second to none and we'd be happy to recommend you to anyone who considers installing a pool.

Christelle and Regis Savry, Oxford, Canterbury

It survived the quakes – thanks to the pool’s design and installation.

Mike and Deborah Talbot, Christchurch

Fabulous pool. The self-cleaning feature is something we thought hard about because we hadn't heard of it before. We would never consider getting a pool without that feature now. We have all the enjoyment of having our own pool without the normal hassles of cleaning it. Fantastic! Roll on another summer! Stu and Jan have been awesome to work with, professional, fun and they do a fabulous job.

Debbie and Richard Brown, Geraldine

We have had our Pool in for 6 years now and it has performed perfectly all our family have enjoyed coming to our home on many different occasions and the Compass Pool has been a big hit with them all.

I must say that the vantage self-cleaning system has kept the water as clear as crystal and we never have to vacuum the pool by hand. I feel that it was money well spent (worth every penny)!

Joe & Veronica Hadley, Summerhill, Rangiora

I bet I don’t need to tell you how much we enjoy the pool every single day I’m sure. The whole family loves it and we spend so much time in it that it’s almost hard to believe. The kids are going to be hard-core swimmers! Melody, the 3 year old, swims lengths already and begs us to jump in several times a day. It looks as good as ever, the water is beautifully clear (and we never have to clean it, thanks to the Vantage system).

Christelle and Regis Savry, Oxford 

What a fabulous summer we have had and have enjoyed every minute in our beautiful pool. We both just love it and have had so many good comments from friends. I have attached some photos for you to show other customers that are thinking of the Ice Blue - we love the colour. Everything is running smoothly with the pool and it is so easy to maintain.

Jill and Ken Weir, Christchurch

We found it really easy to work with the team at Compass Pools Christchurch. Right throughout the process everything was very well communicated and we knew what to expect. The pool looks great and is clearly a quality product.

Darryl Alker, Mike Greer Homes Canterbury Limited

Thank you all for the help I received in installing my pool and for all the helpful information – a bit daunting at the beginning when I knew I had to look after it on my own. I have had the pool for 3 years and I am still blown away with how easy it is to care for my Compass Pool, the Vantage cleaning system really is the best thing around.

Vicki Moore, Christchurch

Thank you! Amazing job, great team and perfect result. We really appreciate all your efforts and are looking forward to many summers around the lovely Compass Pool.

Hamish and Juliet Gray, Christchurch

We chose Mark and Compass Pools Timaru after researching our options extensively.

Our experience has been 100% positive. Mark is friendly, responsive, and at every stage of the pool installation, was on time and it was completed quickly.

Mark clearly has many years of experience and knowledge and is happy to share this with us. No question was too small.

We continue to use Mark for all our ongoing pool maintenance. He provides an excellent service and we are very happy with our choice.

I would highly recommend him and a Compass Pool to anyone considering installing one.

Rachel and Tim Silva, Ashburton

The Compliance Certificate came through today so we just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in getting our pool up and running! Despite the weather working against us, we got there in the end and we appreciate everything you have all done.

Nikki, the Waimak Council Inspector raved about Compass Pools, saying that you are better to deal with than all the other pool companies put together! Clearly, you have them sorted, which certainly made our lives easier! Thank you!

Please pass on our thanks to all the boys and girls involved in the creation of the Herbie pool. I still can’t believe it’s there!

Tina, Scotty, Casey and Max

Having enjoyed two hassle-free seasons I can say with the inbuilt cleaning system this is the easiest pool I have ever managed. In fact, I would go as far as it manages itself. Introducing us to Robin Shears for the landscaping work around the pool was a godsend. The whole project was completed in a very short period, on time and on budget. Very impressed with your service and hope we are as fortunate again as we start over in our new place in Kerikeri.

Francis and Karen 

After speaking with several pool companies, we settled on the Compass Pool through Ultimate Pools and are so happy with our choice. From our initial meeting with Steve, we were given heaps of information and had all the benefits and features thoroughly explained in a simple and precise manner. We felt totally informed to make key decisions about our pool and were kept up to date throughout the planning process. We found Ultimate Pool’s professionalism and proficiency the key to a successful install on what was a tight and tricky site to navigate. We love the finished product and wouldn’t change a thing!

Following the install, the after-care service provided by Steve and Warren has made the whole process a pleasurable experience and we would highly recommend Ultimate Pools to anyone thinking of purchasing a pool.

The Stratton Famiy, Mairangi Bay

We are so lucky to have such wonderful pool specialists in Timaru who are reliable, dependable, have great knowledge and expertise, and can always be contacted (which is rare with many businesses these days). Mark put in our pool and spa and we would truly recommend him to everyone.

A big standout for us continues to be his excellent after-sales service and we are so pleased we purchased locally as Mark and his team are always happy to help with any queries we have.

Greg and Lisa Collins, Timaru