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  • Custom Furniture
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  • Residential Furniture


Consilio is a New Zealand, family-owned company, committed to helping everyday Kiwis design their own designer furniture for their homes and lives.

We at Consilio Creations value and appreciate beautiful, stylish décor that adds a new dimension and sense of sophistication to your home and are delighted to be on your design journey with you. Our mission is to democratise quality design. Everyone should be able to afford home furnishings that speak to who they are and that maximise the experience of their home.

As our homes become smaller, and more complex, space is becoming more valuable than ever. 

And as our lives become more customised than ever, it is a shame that our homes are so often filled with off-the-rack furniture.

Consilio seeks to change that by making custom furniture more available for all.

We use technology to automate and streamline the parts of the process that can take up time and add cost and complexity. This enables you to focus on the design and fit of the items you make with our customsiers.

Be inspired by our Customisers and create your own special piece that perfectly fits your personality, home, and life.

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