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  • Cleanstone - 100% recycled plastic panels for building fit outs
  • Custom colour mixes and material design options
  • End of life buy back programme
  • Decorative panels
  • Low carbon materials



Create Beautiful Sustainable Interiors. Stunning, 100% Recycled Plastic Panels To Elevate Your Next Project

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword.

It’s expected from your clients, many industry standards and awards require it, and your career depends on it. Architects and designers tell us it's difficult to find a recycled material that inspires them - that looks beautiful, feels refined, and functions as well as its unsustainable counterparts.

That’s the challenge Critical’s Cleanstone is here to solve.

Show stopping sustainability.

Cleanstone from Critical is a stunning, sustainable, 100% recycled plastic panel that can elevate your next project. Made in Aotearoa from 100% reclaimed NZ plastic waste, our panels come in a variety of pre-designed or custom colours and finishes, so you can realise your design vision and create a space that is truly unique.

And, at the end of their life, we buy them back to recycle into new Cleanstone over and over again.

Ko wai tātou? Who are we?

As a Māori owned clean technology company, we believe that our wellbeing and our future depend wellbeing of our environment. Therefore our life’s work is to care for our planet.

Climate change and plastics pollution are the defining challenges of our generation. In Aotearoa NZ, we import over 400K tonnes of new plastics, and send into landfill up to 330K tonnes of used plastics every year. Meanwhile 11% of global carbon emissions are from the production of building materials.

We started Critical. because we want to be good ancestors for future generations so our children can prosper for thousands of years to come.

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