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  • Monier has a very rich and proud history in the New Zealand and Australian building industries. From the original terracotta tile to the extensive range available today, Monier tiles have long been a trusted roofing solution, standing up to our tough New Zealand conditions.

    Monier has redefined traditional Terracotta by combining its crafted from the earth heritage with a twist of modern glamour to inspire future generations. Terracotta has a lower embodied energy which means less energy is consumed in all processes involved in the manufacturing of a terracotta tiled roof. Terracotta maintains a consistent temperature in your home keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, lowering your energy bills. The thermal properties and natural materials enhance breathability creating a healthier home with less condensation and mould. Monier Terracotta tiles are made from naturally occurring clays, which means the water running off your roof into rainwater tanks is clean and safe to drink.

    Monier concrete tiles are the most economical and durable roofing material on the market. Just like concrete bridges and the structural elements of buildings, concrete tiles get stronger with age as they continue to harden being baked in the sun. Concrete tiles truly embrace the harsh elements and come with Monier C-LOC™ Colour Lock Technology which retains its colour for even longer and is less resistant to gloss fade. 

    We are all about creating strong, long-lasting, beautiful roofs that you can be proud of. 

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