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Jennie Dunlop's impact on the New Zealand spatial design scene is undeniable. As a prominent influencer in the design community Dunlop Design has a rich history of experience, many awards, and a mastery of various design facets. Moreover, Jennie's designs, characterized by their timelessness and commitment to spatial ingenuity, consistently raise the bar for the industry. 

Highly recognised with a multitude of awards, Dunlop Design most recently won the TIDA Apartment of the Year 2023 and Power Room of the Year 2023. In 2022, Jennie's design was the winner of TIDA Home Interior Design of the Year.

Working with Jennie, you'll find a keen understanding of her clients' vision is central to her success. Dunlop Design take pride in discerning the unique styles and preferences, creating designs that authentically reflect each client's personality. This ability speaks volumes about Jennie's exceptional interpersonal skills and unwavering dedication to meeting her clients' needs.

In the spatial design field, Jennie's work has garnered significant recognition, including the prestigious Trends International Design Award she earned in 2022 & 2023. This recognition further cements her status as a pioneer in New Zealand interior design. Her pledge to approach every project with a profound understanding of her clients' desires ensures that each design project realizes their distinctive vision.

Beyond her own projects, Jennie Dunlop inspires numerous designers and industry professionals. Through her relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to excellence, she continues to shape and influence the trajectory of interior design in New Zealand. 

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