E-Stello Lighting delivers professional and sustainable light sources that reduces demand on our environment while creating safe and well-illuminated spaces in our communities and homes.

We have designed a range of Solar Lighting Solutions engineered for all the geographical areas in New Zealand. Solar lighting solutions add value to any project as it reduces the cost of planning, installation, and obviously zero power costs.

All our solar products integrate smart controllers to monitor and continually regulate all components depending on the environment to provide a battery life expectancy of 7-10 years. Products are covered with a 5-year limited warranty including batteries.  

In addition, we have a range of powered lighting including commercial, industrial and human-centric lighting. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing products with the highest efficacy and quality while offering value and a sustainable light source.

Contact us for your next lighting project and ask about our complimentary lighting design service at sales@masonsled.co.nz or visit us at www.masonsled.co.nz


Meet the team

Alecia Truscott
Alecia Truscott
Sales Manager
Aubrey Hendricks
Aubrey Hendricks


We have recently purchased solar lights for our Civic Car Park from MasonsLED. The lights are a classic design that effectively provide additional lighting to the darkest areas of the car park.
Thank you for the level of consultation and support offered by MasonsLED during this process.
Claire Walls - Whangarei District Council