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For almost three decades, the ECOTONE team has been at the forefront of change in the application of colour to concrete, cladding, and masonry.

ECOTONE specialises in the application of long-lasting colour and functional coatings, designed for the local building and construction industry. We bring Colour For Life in three ways:

1. Colour Matching- we solve colour matching issues in brick, block, mortar and concrete projects to maintain aesthetic appeal.

2. Colour By Design- we achieve stunning bespoke finishes in architectural projects with award-winning outcomes.

3. Functional Coatings- we lead in the application of the next generation of eco-friendly coatings with multi-surface benefits.

In 2021 we became ECOTONE, a truly local company with a promise to Colour For Life.

ECOTONE is more than a new name for our company. It’s an expression of a bold new vision, mission, values, and purpose – all centered on working together with our many industry partners to achieve Stunningly Sustainable interior and exterior surfaces and buildings.

Please note: ECOTONE products are only to be applied by specialised and trained applicators. Get in contact with your local ECOTONE representative for more information.

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