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Enlightened Solutions, based in Christchurch & Auckland, New Zealand have first-class knowledge of all aspects of Fire design, reporting, modelling, investigation and training.  Our Fire engineers work with building owners, architects, project managers,
and other construction professionals to help you get your council building consent on time.

With Carol Caldwell’s 33 years’ experience in the field, and a cumulative 75 years’ experience across our team
you can be assured that we work transparently and efficiently with you and your professionals to:


In our initial consultation with you, we ask the right questions to get the full picture.  From new build to heritage refurbishment we have the experience to provide you with a tailored, cost-effective fire engineering design which fits the requirements of the end-user.  Your construction programme remains on budget and on time.


We provide preliminary fire design guidance at the outset to ensure the architectural design is not compromised by fire requirements.  We take a holistic view of the building, noting how the fire design may affect operational issues and identifying solutions.  The opportunity to actively participate in brainstorming and design discussion sessions is welcomed.


We use an array of tools, such as computer FDS modelling to prepare a tailored Fire Engineering report that is Building Code compliant and technically accurate.  We coordinate with your design team every step of the way.  Our services provide fire concept and design; reports, assistance with specification and tendering, peer review; and support in the construction and consent phases of your project.


Our staff are well qualified and actively participate in regulation development.  Our standard of work and knowledge of the legislative environment has led to an excellent working relationship with Councils.  This provides streamlined consenting.

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