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  • Residential Heating Solutions
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FiresNThings are indoor and outdoor heating specialists. They offer a full sales to installation service throughout the South Island for residential and commercial projects, whether it's a new build or a renovation. 

With a wide range of brands, including Warmington, Masport, Firenzo, Yunca, Bionic, Pyroclassic, Ethos, Jayline, Metro, Esse, Regency, Nectre, Wagener, Fisher, Horizon, Kemlan and more, you're sure to find the perfect heating solution for your space. 

With services ranging from residential heating solutions to tiling and stonework, the team at FiresNThings is dedicated to providing top-notch heating consultation and installation services. Plus, FiresNThings are proud to offer environmentally friendly options like the Oekotube flue filter, allowing you to enjoy a clean air fire that meets ULEB standards. Trust FiresNThings for all your heating needs.

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