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Fisher & Paykel has been designing kitchen and laundry products and appliances since 1934 and has grown into a global company with products sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Kitchen Perfection comes from the interplay of performance, style and design. Whether you are designing your own kitchen or bringing to life your client’s vision, we are right here with you. Design for Kitchen Perfection with new Trade Resources, which provides you with a complete set of tools to help you specify the right appliances and create the ideal kitchen. Click here to access Fisher & Paykel Appliances Trade Resources.

Our design heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity. We’ve built our legacy with a future focus that still stays true to the fundamentals of sustainable design. We believe technology should always begin with the people who use it. This has seen us challenge conventional appliance design to create products that deliver to genuine human need.

Our ongoing research and development is backed by a culture of open innovation, collaboration and curiosity – one that seeks to uncover insights and ideas that connect with our customers and respect our planet.

The idea of the Social Kitchen underpins our design philosophy in developing flexible appliances that can be distributed throughout your kitchen and tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs. It is both a concept and a lived experience that connects people with food and design. The Social Kitchen draws on a deep understanding of patterns of use. The kitchen is no longer just a place where food is made. It is where we meet to talk about our day, where homework is done, where we engage and interact as families and friends. Considered kitchens respect and reflect these patterns of use in their layout and in appliances that provide flexibility. That flexibility allows us to shift between the different requirements we have of our kitchens. By understanding the way kitchens are used we know what our customers are looking for in their perfect kitchen. They are looking for choices, for the freedom to create unencumbered by the restrictions of their appliance.

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