Gannon Fire and Risk


Services we
  • Fire Engineering
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Risk Based Design


Setting the standard for fire and risk engineering.

We strive to produce the highest standard and continue to challenge ourselves. We incorporate agility and integrity in all we do to ensure our clients can achieve their design objectives.

Following 15 years experience in fire engineering consulting, teaching, research, passive and active fire product testing and passive fire product development, Gannon Fire and Risk was proudly established in 2019, by Mark Gannon. Our aim is to continue this work but also to make a difference by working with our clients and all project stakeholders in a collaborative way to achieve compliant, functional and great building design.

Fire Engineering

Providing prescriptive and engineered solutions to ensure compliance without compromising the function or aesthetics of the design.

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire solutions to ensure the integrity of the fire engineering philosophy is achieved and to mitigate project cost and risk as a result of costly rectification work.

Risk-Based Design

Providing context and solutions to mitigate the risk to people, assets and business continuity due to fire. Risk-based design utilises fire engineering from first principles, internationally recognised standards and the latest industry research to develop cost-effective options to mitigate risk due to fire.

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