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  • Structural Engineering Design
  • New Build Plans and Designs
  • Alterations
  • 3D Structural Modeling
  • House Pre-Purchase or Relocation Inspection
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GM Designs provides architectural and structural design solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. GM Designs are able to complete all engineering and architectural design work in-house without the need for other consultants, saving their client both time and money.

GM Designs have completed a large range of work from simple alterations, through to the completion of new homes and multi-million dollar apartments all over the lower half of the South Island. With infrastructure on the increase in Southland they have been involved in the development of new commercial buildings and extensions to existing premises throughout the province. The team at GM Designs are able to see a design right through from inception to completion, offering a simplistic turn-key option to clients who require it.

A full 3D walk-through of a client's chosen design is available, to enable them to get an idea of the finished product and to make any required change in the early stages. Full Resense colour solutions make a welcome addition to the 3D walk-through and are also available on request.

GM Designs are Registered Professionals Certified with license to undertake building types 1-3 which included multi-storey buildings having Professional Indemnity to some 1.0M Dollars in value for any one project.

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