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It’s great to have pride in what you do. I don’t give out a CV; instead, I have a collection of buildings that prove my experience and skills as a builder.

You can spot the beautiful renovations and reclads around Auckland’s Eastern Bays

I have built and renovated many houses in the Eastern Bays area, from Mission Bay to Kohimarama, Remuera to St Heliers. Each one represents a milestone in my career. And I enjoy pointing them out to friends, family and prospective clients. If you would like to have a look at the work I have completed, please get in touch and I’ll send you some details so you can take your own tiki tour.

What I learned from the Swedes about being a great builder

Being proud of my work is important to me. I have been a builder all my life, working not just in New Zealand, but also Queensland, London and Sweden. My time in Sweden was particularly valuable because it reinforced the need to get it right first time. There was no room at all for the classic Kiwi “she’ll be right” mentality. And with only a limited grasp of Swedish, I learned to read plans extremely well – a skill that makes all the architects I work with very happy. All that focus on perfection has stayed with me ever since.

Home Projects was designed to be a better building company

I set up Home Projects Ltd 10 years ago, after spending a couple of years owning a franchise with one of New Zealand’s largest house builders. With Home Projects, I wanted to offer my local area of Auckland access to a great quality builder. One who did things properly; who never cut corners; who focused on working with clients, not against them.

Do these things matter to you?

As well as renovating the homes of my clients, I have also worked on my own homes. And with a young family, I know exactly how hard it can be keeping things ‘normal’ when renovating.

With every building project I take on, I see it as a really big part of my job to work around you and your family. By carefully scheduling work, it means that I am often able to save you the stress, cost and uncertainty of having to move out and rent for a few months.

There are other ways I can make things easier for you too:

  • My quotes, prices and invoices are always in a really clear, easy-to-understand format because I use good computer software and keep careful records
  • Being able to talk about my work is important too. I’m always happy to answer your questions and keep you up to date with progress so that you never feel out of touch. I know that your renovation or reclad is very important to you. My job is to build your dream
  • I never abandon a job and walk off to another project. It’s just plain rude
  • You won’t have to make decisions at the last minute or overnight. I won’t start work until all the boxes are ticked
  • I am a local, family man with a good reputation. I get most of my work through recommendations. I’m very proud of this and want to deliver the quality of work that makes people happy to pass my details on
  • I have the paperwork, as well as the homes I have worked on, to prove I am competent. I have an apprenticeship in carpentry, approval as a Licensed Builder or LBP (carpentry, site 1 and site 2), and am a proud member of the Certified Builders Association
  • With over 10 years as a builder in the Eastern Bays of Auckland, I know other talented local tradesmen and building professionals who can work with me to create beautiful renovations and stunning reclads

Being an approachable, professional and considerate builder for all of my clients is important to me. I take real pride in my work. If you have an idea for your home, or are still at the thinking stage, please give me a call or send me an email. I would love to hear more.