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Nickola worked in Sydney for a group of architects and then in her own practice specialising in Financial & Professional Services. Nickola has served 3 terms as a councillor for the Designers Institute.  Nickola is passionate about the design brief enabling the space to be envisioned as the unique solution sought by the client. Nickola loves melding old & new together & the latest trends. Amongst many clients in New Zealand since returning home apart from those featured on her website fun and iconic projects include createing a 'home-at- work' environment in offices for Murray Thom of Thom Music who produced “The Great New Zealand Songbook" in conjunction with Stephanie Overton.  

Before focussing solely on residential interiors and her own house developments, Nickola was commissioned on numerous commercial office fitouts including a fitout for the International management consultants McKinseys.  That project won Nickola a prestigious Supreme BEST Award for best commercial project.  That award was unusually awarded to 2 designers, Nickola and also to the wonderful JASMAX.  It was in a way a special honour to be co-awarded with a firm that Nickola admires for their work.

Nickola hopes in presenting the projects on this website she has honoured the clients involved and given a glimpse into the real memorable possibilities of a home that the client feels both challenges them, excites and make them proud.

“Best designs are born from a Best client-designer relationship. When the designer calls all the shots the design fails the key test - does the design honour the client. Likewise when the client tries to play designer, the client is robbed of the benefit of the designer’s talent and expertise. There are 3 simple rules for the best designs ONE role definition TWO honest & open communication THREE trust”

— My client commitment - Nickola Horrocks

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