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The standing seam system has been around for many years and it’s is one of the most popular, versatile and durable roofing types currently available.

A well-designed roof which complements the building it is installed onto will help to beautify the home and add value when it comes to putting it on the market.

This type of roofing refers to a style of roof that has panels that run vertically up the length of the roof, and seams that connect one panel to another. Their installation differs from long-run roofs as it allows them to create a solid covering which is able to move under thermal expansion.

Standing seam roofing can be seen on all types of buildings. Standing seam roofing may be slightly higher in price in comparison to long-run roofing, but homeowners typically find that the reliability and durability will pay off as less money will need to be spent on maintenance costs. It is also a more stylish and beautiful roof in comparison to its cheaper counterparts.

Seams are available in 25mm  in colorsteel, copper, zinc, stainless steel or pre-coated aluminium and can be supplied with all the necessary flashings.

What is Standing Seam Roofing?

Standing seam roofing is the most popular way of covering a roof in copper, zinc , aluminium or colorsteel and has been used for over a century. The fine lines of the standing seams give the system its light, attractive appearance and contribute to its flexibility.

Standing seam roofing is suitable for:  

  • Roof pitches between 3° and 90° (including as vertical cladding)
  • Barrel vaulted roofs
  • Conical and domed roofs

The roofing can be installed over a ventilated or non-ventilated roof construction allowing you to choose the best solution for the characteristics of your project. Fixings are hidden and indirect. The standing seam roofing needs a continuous support behind it and normally uses 18mm plywood H3.2 treated. The covering is then able to withstand a certain amount of foot traffic.

Standing seam roofs are very easy to maintain and they can be applied to any building from residential buildings through to office blocks and factories.

Copper Roofing

Copper is the most traditional and prestigious metal used for roofing, dating back to around 700 years. It performs well as a metal because of the protective patina formed on the surface.

Copper has a low thermal expansion which helps to prevent deterioration and failure. It is resistant to corrosion in any atmosphere and no maintenance is required. This natural and prestigious material is one of the most sustainable roof coverings.

Zinc Cladding & Roofing

Zinc is very malleable, which means increased design flexibility and enables the inclusion of such additions as sprung curves and bull nose shapes. Maintenance costs are low, as zinc develops a protective zinc carbonate layer or patina as it weathers and ages. This eliminates the need for paints and other protective coatings. Because the metal is uncoated, there is no possibility of fading, chipping, peeling or chafing, which considerably reduces overall life cycle costs. Moreover, as the patina forms, any scratches or imperfections in the metal tend to disappear.

Zinc is a popular metal to use for eco-building projects for its properties. It is 100 per cent recyclable, plus it uses a smaller amount of energy to produce than other metals, so impacts less on the environment. The water run-off from zinc does not pick up any additional chemicals that will taint any potential groundwater supply.

For more information on our zinc roof costs, contact IG Roofing today. We offer competitive roofing installation quotes throughout Auckland and the North Shore, with excellent zinc cladding prices. 


Using metal for your roof will open up a wide range of possibilities in design potential.

The versatility of metal as a roofing material means that metal roofs complement a variety of architectural styles from traditional to contemporary.

IG Roofing

We are a roofing contractor company based in North Shore, Auckland, With 29 years experience, we have installed metal roofing in Auckland and throughout Europe and New Zealand.  We are experienced in residential metal roofing, copper roofing, zinc roofing & zinc cladding and coloursteel roofing.

We pride ourselves on the care and attention we give each project, ensuring work is always finished efficiently and to a high standard.

What You Can Expect From Us

It’s likely that many of the details of your project, such as the type of roof system, materials to use and other factors, will have been specified by an architect or builder.

However, we have the experience to assist you with your choice of material and roofing system if necessary.  This can be done over the phone, online or we are happy to visit you on-site or at your offices.

Fabrication and Installation

We generally fabricate our panels for installing on roofs on-site to ensure a very precise and neat fit.

Specialising in standing seam roofing and horizontal flat lock cladding in zinc, copper, colorsteel, stainless steel and aluminium, I.G. Roofing Ltd offer complete roofing and cladding solutions. Design assistance for architects, main contractors, and private clients.

I.G.Roofing Ltd is a specialist metal standing seam roofing and horizontal flat lock cladding roofing contractors in Auckland. Call us now on 021 075 4309 and leave a message for a quote call back.

Terne Coated Stainless Steel

To learn more about Terne Coated stainless steel download the product brochure.

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