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  • We design beautiful places for people.
    Spaces that enhance and enrich their environment.
    That deliver a profound and vibrant sense of place.
    And that create harmony between the built and natural worlds.

    Design Excellence. Brilliantly Executed.

    Ignite is a multi-disciplinary design firm specialising in architecture, interior design, master planning and urban design. We bring a dynamic and innovative approach to delivering world class design solutions that are both people-oriented and visually inspiring. With place making at the heart of our practice, we are dedicated to fostering engaged and vital communities.

    Function Driven. Future Focused.
    The Ignite point of difference is a rigorous design process that marries creativity with functionality. We pride ourselves in our ability to work empathetically and collaboratively with all stakeholders, and to curate every element of a design throughout the project’s lifespan. Ambitious and forward thinking, we don’t hesitate to defy convention, and our clients value our ability to stay ahead of the curve and forecast future trends.

    Past Experience. Present Expertise.

    With over 30 years’ experience, Ignite is now home to a global team of 160+ professionals across five design studios. The diversity of our experience and strong team culture allows us to take a fully integrated, holistic design approach to projects of varying scale and complexity, both local and international. Our scope of work covers a range of industry sectors from commercial to residential, retail to entertainment, hospitality to hotels.

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