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Jeff Brickell Architects is a small, design focussed, architecture practice based in Whangarei. We offer dedicated personal service and high levels of accountability. Keeping overheads low means we offer excellent value. We have a local focus which allows us to foster collaborative relationships with other building professionals in Northland. We aim to craft buildings that relate to their environment and make people feel good.

Environmental Design

Above all we believe architecture needs to provide a healthy, comfortable place in which to live our lives. It needs to respond to its climate and be adaptable to suit the seasons. It needs to be as sustainable as possible and energy efficient. We utilise passive solar design principles in our buildings to provide natural light, warmth, cooling and ventilation. We aim to provide a range of outdoor spaces associated with the building to suit different times of day and year.

Quality Design

We recognise that people’s needs and values are often the same thing. We design architecture to meet people’s unique needs and to reflect their values. We aim for innovative, clever design solutions. Our design solutions provide cost effective architecture that is both practical and beautiful.

Site Specific Design

We use detailed site analysis to identify the unique set of opportunities that each site presents. Sun, wind, views, privacy and topography are all thoroughly considered to unlock the potential of the site. Often design concepts are derived from this relationship to site. We aim to design architecture that enhances people’s connection to their site and surrounding environment.

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