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At the heart of our business, innovation is who we are, finding a better way is why we exist. Providing progressive engineering, architecture and project management solutions is what we do. You’ll never get yesterday’s answers to today’s dynamic environment.

We find better ways by investing the time to develop and apply new technology to deliver unbiased, professional advice to enable informed, accurate decisions. Our company was founded to challenge the norm and push boundaries so we can provide advanced engineering, architecture and project management solutions that drive efficiencies. That’s why every project is propelled by the question “how can we add value?”

We thrive on challenges and we are motivated by any opportunity to design innovative structures that can benefit from leveraging new technology. We take a proactive approach to solving our clients’ technical challenges. Across all projects we have earned a reputation as the ‘go to’ multi-disciplined company for cost-effective solutions. We consistently work to find better ways.

National Coverage

We have offices nationwide and a network of staff that carry out work remotely in any location, Kirk Roberts can be in your neighbourhood promptly and efficiently. 

Our staff frequently travel between offices to ensure projects run smoothly and in a timely matter. In addition, a strong team culture is cultivated between localities which in turn has proven to foster wider network efficient workflows, all of course driven by our passion to bring clients progressive solutions.

Projects that are innovative and demanding aren’t always in our own back yard. We are always on the move around New Zealand to source, secure and work with our clients that share our enthusiasm for pushing boundaries.

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