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Not one person, not one skill, nor a single product will suffice in today’s world of home technology. That’s why here at Next Group we have focused on bringing together a network of people with a diversified skill set. With small agile teams whose skill sets meet different technology needs, we are able to readily align our services to the many and varied requirements of our customers in a modern and connected world.

Our goal has always been to provide a single point of contact whilst expertly meeting your home technology needs. In doing so we have structured our business on the philosophy that a mix of experts, dealerships with key partners, and supplies of varying products will provide a reliable and stable project outcome and therefore an enduring business. 

This underlying foundation of our business provides confidence that we will be supporting you with your technology journey now and in the future.

We are your home technology service partner. We design, supply, and install home technology solutions designed around you, your family, and your lifestyle. We connect your home to external internet, data, and information services essential to you in today's modern environment, as well as providing ongoing maintenance and user support for the technology systems and infrastructure in your home. Our team of experienced integrators works together with you to understand how you can use technology to add value to your home and then we set out to provide this for you. 

There is nothing more satisfying when you experience your beautiful home spark into life with high-quality music filling every room, smooth and well-lit lighting transitioning inside and out, or seamless but secure perimeter security enabling your family to be kept safe and sound in your own home.

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