Looking for a natural, high-quality limestone for your next building or landscaping project? Look no further than Ōamaru Stone, sourced responsibly from our family-owned quarry in the Waitaki district of New Zealand's South Island. Our limestone boasts exceptional quality and versatility, with custom cutting, carving, and shaping available to bring your unique vision to life. Let the elegance of Ōamaru Stone enhance your next project.

As professionals in the construction industry, you understand the importance of using high-quality, naturally occurring materials in your projects. That's why we want to introduce you to Ōamaru Stone - our architectural limestone sourced responsibly from the abundant, natural limestone deposits found in our family-owned quarry: Parkside Quarry, located in Ōamaru, North Otago. Our family has been involved in farming and quarrying for six generations, resulting in the establishment of Parkside Quarry, Parkside Limeworks, and Ōamaru Stone.

When it comes to constructing modern and sophisticated buildings, you know that the material used makes a significant impact. Since the 1860s, limestone has been quarried from various sites around Otago to construct some of New Zealand's most iconic buildings, including the Oamaru Opera House. Today, Parkside Quarry is the only remaining quarry in Otago, making our Ōamaru Stone limestone a unique and desirable choice for architects and builders alike. Our state-of-the-art facilities utilise advanced machinery, including our 5 Axis CNC Machine, the largest of its kind in New Zealand and one of only two in Australasia. Plus, our low-emission production process and zero-waste policy reflect our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

When it comes to constructing elegant and sophisticated buildings, choosing the right material is crucial. That's why we invite you to turn to Ōamaru Stone for high-quality, responsibly sourced limestone for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Awards and recognition

NZ Institute of Architects in Wellington
Winner of Residential Home 2019

Oamaru Stone (Parkside Quarries)
Oamaru Stone (Parkside Quarries)
Oamaru Stone (Parkside Quarries)


“We chose Oamaru stone as we were looking for a cladding that was unique in an industry that is full of very similar looking products. We really like the clean look from afar, but also the interesting detail it has when you get up close. We love the faint saw marks when the sun hits it at particular angles, and that it’s a natural product which works really well with the cedar”
Marie and Cam, Waikato
“We have always loved Oamaru Natural Stone. Our brief to John Donnelley who designed our home was that we wanted Oamaru Natural Stone everywhere. We would have had it inside as well as outside, but John suggested that if we positioned windows in specific places, we could look out from the comfort of being inside and see the Oamaru Natural Stone lining the outside walls. So, we have columns and windows in places for the sole purpose of being able to gaze at the Oamaru Natural Stone. The one piece of stone we have inside is an Oamaru Natural Stone side table, which we had commissioned to fit into the entrance way. We never get sick of looking at the stone”.
Adrienne Borrie, North Otago
“We visited Oamaru the year before we decided to build our home. We enjoyed a thoroughly wonderful time there and fell in love with all the solid Oamaru stone buildings in the historic precinct. When we found our section we spent days just admiring the wonderful view of Lake Wakatipu, before we decided what kind of home we were going to build. Each day we were on our section, we looked across the lake, we could see this magnificent home, warmly glowing in the sunlight. Every day during that time, we looked over the lake, at the house, eventually taking a drive to get a closer view. When we found out it was built using natural Oamaru stone and we thought about our visit to Oamaru, we knew we had to use Oamaru stone ourselves. We love the stone so much, we built a feature wall so that when we get sick of watching the tele, we can look at the stone!”
Steve and Jenny, Queenstown
“Mike from Parkside Quarries was very good to deal with. He showed us around the quarry where we picked stone with not too much colour. That was what we wanted. Mike put the stone aside for us until we were ready to build. We did experience some significant delays due to events and situations not related to the quarry, but the quarry was flexible and we had a clear communication channel between ourselves, Mike and Euan Baxter (the block layer), which meant that we were happy with the end result. One of our favourite features is the curved saw marks on the walls which pick up the sunlight during the day”. – Stephen and Helen Kidd
Stephen and Helen, Central Otago