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Oculus Architectural Engineering Limited

Oculus launched with a vision to improve people’s quality of life. A fresh approach to change how building enclosures are designed and constructed in NZ and Australia.

The building enclosure or building envelope does so much more than protect from wind, water and other such elements. It helps to controls temperature, mould, noise, wind, fire, air pollution and solar radiation, and all of these are into account during design. To properly tackle these various issues, the team at Oculus is comprised of professional engineering experts who draw on decades of experience from around the world. Oculus understand roofs, walls, windows, waterproofing, and anything else that creates a barrier, exploring how each component will best perform to protect from the elements.

Using computer modelling, engineering, and unparalleled experience, we’re able to produce buildings that last longer and provide a more comfortable environment in which to work, learn, or call home.

We believe NZ can develop smarter buildings, use greater engineering tools & be a world leader in building design.

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