Open – freely available or accessible; unrestricted.

Open.Inc are leaders in the home automation industry with expertise across the full spectrum of home automation including security systems; lighting; entertainment; shutters and shading; environmental control; and, premium technology solutions.

We are ‘big enough’ to deliver industry-leading products and knowledge that will ensure the success of your project but ‘small enough’ to do so through one-on-one, hands-on management.

From initial concept and design, through to completion and delivery, our founder and principal Paul Wooller will be your direct project leader and point of contact—with a small, support team ensuring seamless communication, fast response and highly efficient project delivery.

Open.Inc curates only the best products—and tailors all solutions to your requirements—with attentive post-project service and support designed to keep your installation up to date as technology trends develop and change. 

From new possibilities for your home or building to beautiful tech and a unique customer experience, it’s all here—and it’s all open.