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Hi! I'm Jennifer Howell (but my friends call me Jen).
I've been working in the industry in Christchurch for a little over 20 years, during which time I've worked under the tutelage of and alongside some very talented interior designers, and I've most recently co-owned a reknowned Christchurch interiors business for nearly a decade. After a tricky few years in business, and as a mother to two busy tweens, I realised I needed a little more flexibility, so made the decision to sell my half of my business and carry on solo. As they say, “when one door closes, another door opens”, and in my case quite literally, the door to my own home (yes, it’s orange!) guided me to this exciting new chapter in my interior design career, and so, Orange Door Interior Design was born!
I've always been creative and arty, and into houses and interiors. Even at a young age I'd design and draw dream houses, build lego homes, or create trendy pads for my barbie dolls.

Over my years I've dabbled in a lot of different arts and crafts - sketching, painting, needlework, beading, origami, knitting, sewing, pottery... My mother and sister introduced me to a lot of these crafts, which had been picked up or handed down to them from older relations or friends. I also loved to watch my father tinkering in the garage, building or fixing things, so I acquired a lot of practical skills from him. As my friends and family know well, I love dance, and the way it feels to immerse in and express yourself through music and movement. I've also played a few musical instruments over the years, and music plays a big part of my life still. And, as with any form of art, in interiors, colour, pattern and shapes can (and should) evoke real feelings within us. Don't get me started on the theory of colour right now, that's a topic to delve into another day!
I also love languages, reading and writing, so I’m passionate to share my story, interior design knowledge and style tips with you.

Welcome to my space... let me help you define yours!

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