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Our water heating failed three days before christmas. It was a small wall mounted unit. It took a while to realise that it was failing because the fault was intermittent. I contacted the distributors in Auckland and they told me that because there was a 5 year guarantee on this model they would replace it. They recommended Premier as the replacement people we should use. It arrived the following day. I rang Premier at 4pm but they had finished for the day. Aaron asked me to photograph both the existing appliance, and the new one. Then He said he would be out the next day (Christmas eve) to replace it. He was as good as his word and was all fiinished about an hour later. It was the third job he had done that day. He said, that although they were officially on holiday, he didn't like the idea of people without hot water during the christmas break. Move over Santa! What a hero!

Ted Dawe

We approached Premier Heating in September 2019 to install a new gas water heater. We can’t speak highly enough of the professional, personable, competent and knowledgeable staff who provided excellent and timely services. In December 2019, just three months after installation, the unit stopped working. It happened exactly during Christmas break when we had the extended family over, including a baby. We called Premier Heating in an emergency. They responded promptly. Aaron came almost immediately, he was professional and understanding. After he replaced the control unit of the heater, our busy house had hot water flowing again in no time. The problem with the gas unit reimaged again in August 2021, so we called Premier Heating. Yet again, they did a superb job, completing the job efficiently and professionally. Premier Heating is definitely a company we will use again and recommend to friends and family. Because they are a friendly team with phone contacts, reliable, skilled, experienced gas fitters and plumbers who can diagnose and fix your problem quickly.

Brian Cheyne

After a couple of years living in our 1940's home with a large 2010 extension, we needed a new way to heat the home that required less time and mucking about. We were continually trying to find suitably dry and clean firewood and would often not receive what was advertised, thus spent many hours trying to lite fires with little success. The daily tasks of collecting, stacking and starting the fire become too onerous as our family grew from 5 to 6 and now 7. Due to the design of the home and age, we found the efficiency was so poor, that we were continually plugging in electric heaters to keep the home warm and our 5 kids healthy. We turned to Mike, Aaron and the Team at Premier Heating to design and install a fit for purpose system and after a few weeks of living within our warm home, we knew we had chosen a best fit solution for our circumstances. We have installed a Wiseman boiler and 10 water radiators, which keep the home warm without any drafts. We have linked the system with a heatmiser home automation platform, where we can monitor and adjust the homes temperature as required from our smart devices. We found Premier Heating to be professional and respectful, whilst getting the job done before winter set in and our 5th child was born. Thank you, Premier Heating! Dan Lee

Dan Lee

I have had ongoing issues with my underfloor central heating ducting in my turn off the century villa, due mainly to unwanted animal activity destroying the ducting, so I was looking for a more permanent resolution and also a new more reliable gas servicer. Aaron Flood was the best! He was very helpful and had some great suggestions not previously suggested. I immediately brought Premier Heating on board and have found their service to be excellent in all aspects. Wonderful service guys! Flynn did an awesome job at repairing the ducting and implementing the solution of lifting it and fixing it to the underfloor, so it is now above ground and it off reach out animals. Also Darryl was very knowledgeable and efficient when servicing my gas fire, a true professional. Thanks so much for your excellent service guys, I have already recommended you to 2 friends who were looking for heating experts. Gold.

Lisa G

Following weeks of having intermittent problems with our hot water, Premier came to the rescue and within 18 hours a new boiler was installed and working. Nothing short of a five star service. Would recommend this company without reservation.

Simon Woods

We had recently purchased a 16 year old brick home in Whalers Gate and the single air con in the lounge was not meeting our heating requirements. Aaron and Mike reviewed home and suggested a Hydronic boiler and radiator system as the solution. We are delighted with the outcome and the communication during the process. The installation guys were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend both the offered solution and the company.

Ken D Knox

My newish and contemporary home was great, the only downfall was the chilliness in winter. The attractive looking gas fire in the lounge room was not heating the house at all, and being a large open plan upstairs I was plugging in heaters throughout the house to feel comfortable (to an extent). The cost was crazy and a challenge deciding where to plug in, where to heat etc. When visitors came it was nearly embarrassing. After a recommendation from Four Seasons in Strandon, I contacted Mike Wallace at Premier Heating . Mike came by and assured me that he could turn my lovely cool house into a lovely warm and cosy home, without spoiling the contemporary feel and looks. I agreed to the installation and the Premier Team were onto it. What an amazing group of people who worked in such a competent and efficient way. The installation took approx 2 weeks but I didn't feel that it was intrusive, I always knew when the team were coming and what was to take place that day. The installation involved running the piping around the exterior of the house, some underground and hidden, and some on the walls and then into the house to the radiators. Anything in view has been very well hidden to blend with the exterior of the house, and the radiators throughout the whole house (upstairs and downstairs) are not intrusive to the contemporary interior home decor. I have taken a while to send my review to make sure that I truly am happy with the system, which I am. How great is it to come home to a warm and cosy house at all times. Controllable by thermostat which you can set to your lifestyle and requirements, and for a quick burst of heat just turn the thermostat up for a while. Best of all is the outlay of running the system. Compared to some of the monthly accounts trying to heat parts of the house with electrical heaters and the gas fire, the monthly charges (which include my hot water heating as well) are now much more realistic. The house is evenly warm throughout with the option of controling temperatures at each radiator. Thank you to Mike and his team.  

Denise Newland

Absolutely recommend Aaron and the team at Premier Heating !! They had to take our infinity away as it hadn’t been working to see what was wrong, instead of leaving us with no hot water for the weekend they put up a replacement.. was so nice as we had no hot water for 3 days before that .. as soon as I rung they were straight out to fix the problem .. great communication and an awesome friendly team .. would definitely deal with the guys at Premier Heating again .. thank you so much for all your help ..

B & L Sutton

After recently purchasing a new home we found the existing Gas fireplace to have a few reliability issues, this lead us to contact Premier Heating to have the fire serviced. Already being winter it was busy time of year for them but Aaron made time (well outside normal work hours) to completed the service and worked closely with us to ensure our fire operated as intended. We are very impressed with Aaron's commitment to see the job completed and done right, we would not hesitate to recommend Premier Heating's services to others.

Warren and Janelle Grubner