Sculpt Gardens



Claire has designed the perfect garden for us - 100% to brief and with some amazing suggestions that were totally out style. Without her skills out garden, driveway and entrance to our house would not be as stunning as it is.


Claire designed a clever plan for renovating our garden which had some challenges. 

She coordinated well with Jared from Folium who came in to do the clearing, hard landscaping and organised “WoolGrow” for seeding the new lawn. They also prepared the garden beds. 

Once the hard landscaping was done the Sculpt team came and did all the planting. 

The end result is fabulous - we’ve ended up with a patio and garden that is a delight to be in. We’d certainly recommend Sculpt and Folium.


I met Claire a while back to design my own garden as I had no experience of where to start. She immediately drew up plans, idea options and which plants go where! Seven years later it’s just beautiful and worth every penny as an investment in my home. I work in real estate and refer Sculpt Gardens as my go to team - with ideas of getting a garden ready for market or the bigger projects when buyers move in. They are super efficient, direct, helpful, and I would highly recommend them with creating your dream exterior!!

Jo Glancy