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Sebastiano Broadhead designs homes for people.

I grew up in Italy, the son of an architect, and was two thirds through a degree in architecture at Florence university when the tempting prospect of converting a farm house into a restaurant with my New Zealand girl friend cut short my studies. And yes, it was also because of her that I came to New Zealand, and started my solo practice in Christchurch in 1998.

Between Italy and New Zealand we spent a brief interlude in Panama, where I did a few small projects.

I like construction and have worked on a few of my projects. I think that fosters my interest in resolving design details as simply as possible and choosing local materials as a first preference. My designs revolve around environmental considerations and efficiencies in running a house, which perhaps results in a tendency to be compact and minimal, and choosing energy-saving systems. In line with my Italian heritage I enjoy cooking (which seems to be appreciated!) and I am keen to ensure the kitchen functions well.

I provide concept designs, and models if requested, through to building consent documentation. I outsource engineering and other consultants if required.

I provide a free first consultation.

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