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Stone rock works is a family-owned business based in Motueka.

We essentially turn quarry rocks into rocks with flat surfaces and lots of right-angle corners and of a uniform size. Selected rocks are placed in the press and split into the workable rock this produces a flat surface and corner rocks. 

Stone rock works have the option of using the uniform size rock or cutting it into 55mm thick flat veneer or corners veneer that can be glued onto walls. Veneer rock is versatile, fireproof, easy to install and requires little maintenance.

These rocks produce a quality finish and are ideal for pillars, pavings, walls and houses. The 400-ton rock splitting press is purpose-built.

sTONe rock works is a family business specializing in rock-splitting, supply and masonry work. Owner-operator Ton Van Katwijk and sons are available for consultation.​No job is too big or too small.

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