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StonecraftNZ is a unique New Zealand construction firm specialising in high-quality swimming pools and masonry construction. They have successfully competed for standout projects throughout Aotearoa and up into the Pacific in over 45 years of operation.

“We love what we do and are committed to giving our clients the best of what we provide in knowledge and experience, “ says Mike Mitcalfe the founder and Managing Director of StonecraftNZ. “We employ a staff of 25 tradespeople and a nationwide network of subcontractors working with us. All of them are great people and skilled in what they do. “

Mike runs the swimming pool sector of the company and also works as a consultant providing IP to a wide variety of projects.  He lives at Shipwreck Bay in Northland with his wife due to their passion for surfing and a coastal lifestyle.  Mike is joined by two friends and business partners; Ross Blithe and Jody Hunter.

Ross and his team run the concrete construction and infrastructure sector of the company. He is a specialist in all things concrete with years of experience.  Jody runs swimming pool projects and contracts requiring a high level of attention to detail and management. He is a versatile and knowledgeable tradesman and leader

Management in construction projects, building, brick and block laying, and stone masonry is provided by Colin Gillies and his teams. This has seen the successful completion of numerous commercial and infrastructure-related contracts over the years.

StonecraftNZ is a fully resourced and stable company able to transform ideas and vision into reality in a way that transforms clients into friends.

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