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  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial Projects
  • Home Automation
  • Home Theatre
  • Heating



We are on a mission to provide quality electrical service to New Zealanders at a fair and honest price. Available now for all types of work, whether it’s urgent or non-urgent electrical work.

We have a team of reputable and friendly electricians, offering you a comprehensive list of services-

  • Residential Electrical Services
    • New wiring
    • Alterations
    • Renovations
    • Small repairs
    • Home Ventilation
    • Home Security
    • CCTV
    • Home Audio
    • Home Networks
    • Electric Vehicle Charging
    • Electrical Design
  • Commercial Electrical Services
    • Retail
    • Hospitality
    • Offices
    • Education facilities
    • Aged care facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Maintenence
  • Electrical work for Construction Sites
    • Temporary Power and Lighting
    • Underground power and trenching
    • Test and Tag
    • Overhead line protection
  • Home Automation
    • Smart Lighting
    • Home theatre
    • Multi-room audio
    • Smartphone control of the home
    • Control 4
    • Nest   
    • Fibaro
    • Nero

Who are we

Strike Electrical are based in Mt Albert, Auckland and cover greater Auckland. Residential and Commercial are our expertise and have a great offering of services for our clients. Luke Moore and Jake Maoate started Strike Electrical in 2017, both coming from many years of experience in other businesses. 

Why we do what we do

We are humbled that we are chosen by our clients to be a part of their projects which they invest a lot of time and money into and they trust Strike Electrical to provide them with the best solution for their budget. It gives us great satisfaction seeing our clients happy with their completed projects which we have finished to a high standard and sharing that experience with our staff who get great job satisfaction seeing that job through from beginning to end. We want to finish a project for our client with a strong working relationship and that they are happy to recommend us to their family and friends.

How we do it

By giving our staff the training and support to feel comfortable giving our clients quality advice and be able to carry out quality work. We operate on a paperless job management system which allows us to share job information, provide clear communication and increase efficiency so our clients get good value.

Our Mission

To provide knowledgeable and tidy tradespeople, on time. 

Core Values

  • Responsibility
    • We will take responsibility for our successes which we will celebrate and we will take responsibility of our mistakes which we will remedy. We will not pass the blame onto and we will act professionally
  • Quality
    • We will provide high quality
      • Advice
      • Communication
      • Workmanship
      • Health and Safety
      • Appearance and housekeeping
      • Products
      • Training


We want our customers to feel like they have received a premium value for using our company. The value is based on the quality of the service. We know they have a choice and the key measure of this value is our customers returning to us again.

We want our staff to feel valued, without them we don’t have a business. We care for their personal and professional development, their financial security and their health and wellbeing. We want them to enjoy their work and learn something new every day. 


  1. Providing knowledgeable and tidy tradespeople, on time to our clients
  2. Use our business to help give back to the community and encourage our staff to engage in their local communities
  3. Support the gateway program and bring on students who want to learn a trade
  4. Employee kiwis who share the same vision
  5. A business which allows our staff to have a healthy work/life balance
  6. Encourage our staff to stay fit and healthy in both body and mind
  7. Provide support to our staff when they face life’s tragedies and help them through tough times


  1. A sustainable business which follows our core values
  2. A business which stays at the leading edge of technology
  3. A business dedicated to providing job security and longevity for our staff



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