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Symmetry Landscaping

We design and build new gardens anywhere in Auckland. We also love giving tired or overgrown gardens a makeover, whether a significant overhaul or minor refresh. We don’t walk away once the job is done either - we maintain gardens so they always look their best and the plants thrive.

With over 18 years of experience in landscape design and horticulture, we undertake almost any project. Today, the word ‘garden’ hardly fits all the spaces we design or renovate. While much of our work still involves suburban gardens, we also transform inner-city courtyards and patios, lifestyle blocks and workplaces.

You’ll find us professional, knowledgeable, hard-working, friendly and reliable.

When we begin your project, we stay on your project, completing most tasks ourselves, or if a niche service is required, overseeing others we trust.

“Symmetry is about achieving a pleasing balance in a space. For me, it’s about the interplay between hard and soft features and the choice and placement of plants. Plants can be grouped and spaced either for impact or to create a peaceful ambience.”

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