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  • Established in South Africa in 1983, Warmup has grown into an international company providing underfloor heating to thousands of homes and businesses in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the US. Warmup has a network of 15 independent local distributors who have served the New Zealand market since 1994 and have heated more than 85,000 homes in New Zealand.

    Warmup under tile heating can easily be installed into new or existing homes, to an individual room or as a primary heat source for the whole house. Warmup enables you to comfortably heat a space in an economically and environmentally friendly manner. Warmup under tile heating is ideal for renovations and is the only product in its class that is BRANZ Appraised for use in both internal wet and dry areas of a building. The system can be laid by Warmup's trained installers offering you peace of mind and a Lifetime warranty.

    Warmup under carpet heating is suitable for rooms of all shapes and sizes, and like under tile heating, is simple to operate. This wafer-thin system fits between the carpet and the underlay and is undetectable, except for the warmth.

    Warmup radiant underfloor heating is controlled by thermostats that feature the latest interactive technology. Offered in a sleek modern design, Warmup's user-friendly thermostats provide seven-day, fully programmable control over your heating.

    Warmup insulation boards significantly improve the energy efficiency of under tile heating - they act as a very efficient insulation barrier and reflect the heat upwards into the room instead of allowing heat-loss down through the sub-floor below. This increases the response time of your heating and significantly improves energy efficiency and running costs.

    The Warmup Tiled Shower & Wetroom Solution is BRANZ Appraised to meet the demands and needs of specifiers, installers and homeowners who want to have confidence in a totally waterproof, peace-of-mind wet area in their bathroom. We use only proven, tested, appraised and code compliant components and offer a 15-year warranty on product and installation. We offer unrestricted shower size and a variety of 316 stainless steel channel drain and centre waste options. Your entire bathroom will be completely waterproofed and ready-to-tile over within 24 hours.

    Warmup is committed to offering its customers - the best quality products, the best services and the best warranties.


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