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Pacific Environments NZ Ltd can be found in their new studio on the top floor of a building they have designed in Eden Terrace, just shy of the Auckland CBD.

They are strong believers in pushing the limits of design, developing environmentally sensitive outcomes, which will act as a catalyst for the public imagination. Their aim is to preserve and enhance the environment we live in, whilst architecturally interacting with it for maximum harmony and human enjoyment. Pacific Environments are recognised pioneers in environmentally friendly and energy conscious design - they do have over 50 years experience! Pacific Environments NZ Ltd believe in low-cost sustainability as a core feature of all designs and members of their staff are BREEAM Green Star,and Homestar accredited practitioners, aiming to create the spaces with as little environmental impact as possible.

Their diverse portfolio and current workload finds them working over abroad range of projects - from small to large scale, mixed budgets, renovations to new developments, across the spectrum of architectural design.

Projects are characterised into four categories: LIVE residential houses, renovations, retirement villages, apartments, social housing. WORK offices, commercial. PLAY restaurants, cafes, treehouses, sports and tourism. LEARN schools, libraries and community centres.

The Pacific Environments team genuinely love what they do, and this is clearly visible in the detail, time and creative thinking they put into each individual project. Their positive, energetic and ‘hands on’ approach along with a focus on understanding their clients’ needs means that they deliver real tailored solutions (not generic answers), in a fun-filled process.

Pacific Environments is led by four directors: Peter Eising, Phil Howard, Clive Chapman and Grant Neill; with John Rehm and George Paterson having stepped back recently to act as Consultants for the practice. We also have three Associates: Lyn Maltby, Tane Pratt, and Dr Hugh Byrd who is an internationally acknowledged architect, researcher and academic in the field of sustainable building design. The practice has eight registered architects with considerable experience in all aspects of architecture, as well as a policy of employing students who show talent and enthusiasm. An Interior Designer, Graphic Designer, and Office Manager complete the multi talented team..

Our environment, the totality of circumstances surrounding us, especially the combination of the built external physical condition, affects and influences the growth, development, and survival of the human race. We live in a unique and scenically breath-taking pacific environment.


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