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Our client asked us to help re-create a kitchen in her beautiful 1928 bungalow. The old kitchen had been installed in the 1980s and was falling apart. We decided to make use of the coved extension that had been added by using it as a food storage zone and reclaiming back it into the Arts & Crafts ambience of the house as the 80s addition hadn't aged well. We endeavoured to tread the line between contemporary and traditional while trying to honour the textures and character of the original home. We opted for soft, rounded corners and used warm plywood to add a contrast to a blue palette. We incorporated a recently purchased Fisher and Paykel fridge/freezer into a new suite of new appliances by the same and Tongue and groove suited our intentions to indent the outside of the peninsula to make space for seating that to match the bentwoods in the dining area. A bespoke oak dining table with extension allows the client to dine en famille or throw a dinner party for larger groups. She embraced our suggestion to run with the darker palette, right down to the dark wool/hemp curtains. Their oat coloured counterparts adjacent to the peninsular provide thermal and visual warmth and soften the space with the textural warmth that should be at the heart of any bungalow.  

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1920s Bungalow Kitchen, St Albans
1920s Bungalow Kitchen, St Albans
1920s Bungalow Kitchen, St Albans
1920s Bungalow Kitchen, St Albans
1920s Bungalow Kitchen & Dining, St Albans

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Macfarlane Design is a family-run interior architecture and design studio based in Auckland.  We design residential and commercial interiors in buildings from all eras. Focussing on the context of the building, its site and location,  our endeavour is to create spaces relevant and appealling for today and durable into the future. 

We strive to bring a timeless authenticity to our projects by paying close attention to and enhancing existing characteristics. By subtly contemporising them with appropriate new elements we bring about the most effective and memorable result for you, the client.

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