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440 House

Built in a new suburb, this is a three-bedroom house with an additional flat above the garage. 

The whole site is thought about, a screen of manuka on the road-side, a sunny courtyard sheltered from the prevailing wind.  A one-room kitchen-dining-living is the recipe for a lifestyle that, along with the monopitch roof provides a feeling of the New Zealand bach.

Detail built into the fireplace setting and the kitchen lining easily shifts it away from ordinariness and with a generous entry, there is enough room for side table and paintings and welcoming guests. With walls battened to set them off the art and furniture as art have a place to stand that can be provided within an ordinary budget and make references to older orders that lend comfort to a family home or city apartment.  

Bedrooms and bathrooms should be warm cosy places, easy-access showers and warm floors for bathrooms, sunshine into bedrooms and make the most of the view, not by seeing it from everywhere, but by being selective.    

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