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A cricket practice facility on home turf

“What a great cricket surface!” said Daffyd “We’ve had positive feedback from the players already, and business is growing.”What a great idea! When you need a good quality cricket practice facility to use daily, you’d naturally ring TigerTurf and ask for one. This has certainly been a success for Daffyd, a dedicated cricket coach.

  • Turf: Cricket
  • Date Project Completed: September 2017
  • Area: 12m x 2.5m
  • Surface: TigerTurf Premier
  • Base: Concrete base

Dafydd’s coaching skills are in high demand
Dafydd’s coaching skills are in high demand, and the practice wicket is busy for 20 hours a week already, with the players expressing their appreciation of the cricket surface and the practice wicket. He has also installed lights, for safe play in the evening light as coaching hours increase.

Home cricket wickets are popular for coaching and family fun
All that was needed was room for a concrete pad base for the cricket surface, and the skills to construct the enclosure around the wicket. There is even room for bowlers to have a good run up too. The practice facility is completely enclosed for safety, ensuring cricket balls are confined to the wicket.

Working together to make it happen:

- TigerTurf teamed with our client for a successful, cost-effect result
This installation was enjoyable and successful: Daffyd had a clear idea of what he needed; we had a clear idea of how to make it happen. We worked together, with Daffyd building the enclosure to keep costs low while we installed a good quality TigerTurf artificial cricket wicket.

A winning combination indeed, with both sides contributing to a satisfactory result. And the young players receiving expert coaching in a purpose-built cricket facility are already building the skills for the sport they love.

- TigerTurf Premier artificial grass cricket surface
The TigerTurf Premier Cricket surface is a durable, attractive turf wicket that gives realistic turn and bounce, allowing young players to improve their cricket skills on a safe surface without fear of a rogue bounce.

As an all-weather non-slip surface, the TigerTurf Premier synthetic cricket wicket gives bowlers a safe run in and a consistent surface on which to practice their spin technique. This TigerTurf cricket product has been developed for younger players to practice on at home, schools, and clubs, for a reasonable price.

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