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Allenton Bowling Club

Allenton Bowling Club find the secret to the perfect bowling green is in the details. “We are very happy with the final result. The green is faster than we expected it to be and plays very well,” said the president of the Allenton Bowling Club, David Hickman. The club is proud of its world-class TigerTurf green, and so are we.

  • Turf: Bowls
  • Date Project Completed: March 2018
  • Area: 35m x 35m
  • Surface: TigerTurf Greenweave
  • Base: Aggregate rock base with TigerBond

This true all-weather surface plays consistently in all conditions
The GreenWeave bowling surface installed for the Allenton Bowls Club is a superb, true playing surface in all conditions. The shock pad beneath the surface, provides an extra level of comfort underfoot that players appreciate.

A quality surface and professional service every time
The members of the Allenton Bowls Club were unhappy with the existing woven surface which had not performed satisfactorily for some time. The committee, determined to find the best surface for their club, talked to several suppliers before selecting TigerTurf as the company with the professional qualities they could trust to install their preferred high-performance bowls surface.

TigerTurf experience and skills achieve the perfect bowls green
“May I express my appreciation for your liaison with the club, and myself in particular, during this project. I have been very happy with the whole process and the way in which it has been carried out.” says David Hickman.

The secret is in the detail – from the base to the top layer

Our construction team excavated the top 50mm of the existing base, replacing this with our TigerBond system. This product stabilises the base construction while maintaining the porosity in order to achieve a consistent and true bowling surface with good speed.

After installing a new plinth and the underlay, the Greenweave surface wascarefully laid, with great attention to detail and finish.

Team TigerTurf and Allenton Club produced a winning surface
To the delight of the players the green was playing at 16.5 seconds from the day one. “We were impressed with the professionalism and competence of all the workers, who were, without exception, courteous and friendly.

All the club members who spoke to the TigerTurf team have commented favourably about them. They are a credit to your company.”

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