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A one of a kind space in the heart of Amsterdam needed a unique solution. A penthouse space with a retractable roof in the heart of the apartment was created into a magical secret garden by the talented BÜRO KIF boutique design studio.

The sleek Remire dining chairs in sand tones and Dembies Short-Back chairs upholstered in a beautiful patterned fabric work perfectly in this stunning scheme of blues and ochres.

” We loved how the Coco Wolf furniture fits perfectly to make the winter garden an extension of the interior without looking like typical garden furniture, as this would have totally spoiled the look. Now the winter garden is a true extension of the interior with the same level of class. ”

– Hester Stolk, Owner of BÜRO KIF Design Studio

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Dembies Short-Back Chairs | Remire Dining Chairs

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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ATMOSPHERA, Italy - Outdoor Design, Reimagined 

For over two decades, Atmosphera has been a pioneer in outdoor design, blending iconic Italian elegance with sustainability and durability. Their innovative approach has redefined the essence of outdoor furnishing.

COCO WOLF, UK - The Outdoor Style Revolution 

Coco Wolf is synonymous with revolutionising the potential for outdoor spaces, blending elegance and resilience. Their bespoke collections extend interior aesthetics outdoors, offering unique, durable solutions.

POINT, Spain - A Century of Craftsmanship 

For over a century, Point has blended traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, known for aesthetic and environmental integrity. Their approach perfectly aligns with our vision for outdoor luxury.

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Wolf & South tailors bespoke outdoor solutions to your design visions. With Kristina and Nicky's personal touch, from fabric customisation to the perfect frame finish, we ensure each piece uniquely reflects your style and preferences.