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Architect: Ignite
Builder: Brent Gauldie
Photographer: Jay Drew

A client who lived in Sydney and uses his apartment, together with his teenage sons, on weekends, commissioned me to update the property. This apartment hadn’t been touched since construction, so the scope was vast and exciting. We addressed the hard flooring and carpet, window treatments, and the colour palette. Warm, soft grey tones offset the furniture and created a cohesive feel; bathrooms were tiled and transformed with new fixtures and fittings. Storage was an issue, so we opted for recessed cabinetry to provide extra space. The kitchen was updated with engineered stone benchtops and splashback, new cabinetry and strategic lighting.  

Kathrine McDonald Design
Bay of Plenty
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Kathrine McDonald Design is a small intimate interior design company led by Kathrine herself. With both feet firmly in the interiors market, she has an excellent knowledge of the latest trends, and an insight into where they are going – add this to her belief in the merit of classic style, and you have a designer who can offer the entire remit. With this holistic view of design she is able to help guide her clients not only in their best approach to the project, but she will also reference the best medium for them to use. While some people will want up to the minute styles, others desire a space that simply reflects their personality or their family unit.

There are myriad ways to achieve an end result, and Kathrine believes her position as a designer is to tease out ideas, and realize the dreams of her clients. Whether it is a complete renovation or simply spritzing up a space, she approaches each project with the same vigour, enthusiasm and passion.

By allowing clients to take their projects step by step, Kathrine has found that the overall project becomes far less stressful for the client – indeed the design process becomes an enjoyable experience, and it is this peace of mind and belief in the end result that professional guidance can bring.