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Back House

Back House is just that, a home at the back of another home, a minor dwelling for a young family to enjoy.

This home was designed to enhance the owners quality of life and to make the most of a small sunny spot in the rear garden. It’s compact, efficient and delightfully detailed with everything a home needs, all within a small 64sqm footprint. The form-making is intentionally kept very simple.

Rectilinear planning places service spaces along with the hallway and sleeping areas. The plan then narrows to the north to a single width space that stacks the kitchen, dining and living areas end on end. The roof form here reaches up to the north, with clerestory glazing allowing morning, north midday, then afternoon sun to enter the living spaces. 

Prefabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels were used as the construction method, reducing contractor travel and site time. Forming the floor, walls and roof structure, the CLT has been left exposed to the interior and finished with oil to express the warmth and beauty of the timber. Externally wrapped in a continuous blanket of PIR insulation, Siberian Larch cladding and a Color steel roof ensures this home is snug throughout the seasons. This is a small home with a big heart that will be enjoyed as it’s young family grows

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