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Coatesville Barn

This barn really is the ULTIMATE man cave; a huge open plan shed for all sorts of boys toys with a built in mezzanine floor for additional floor area.

Built on a very practical and distinctive polished concrete floor, there are four generous sized doors for all kind of machinery access, and large walls that easily become screens for the overhead projector TV. What more could you want when the rugby is on?


“Our project started as a tin shed to accommodate the lawnmowers and somehow ended up larger than our house. I suspect we were not the easiest clients to deal with.

Harrison Lane were recommended by friends in the area and I started with a phone enquiry as to the comparative costs to build a shed out of wood rather than tin.

Laura deserves a gold medal for patience and happily answering the many and varied questions that I kept dreaming up prior to any commitment on my behalf.

Nothing was too much of a problem once I finally made a decision Laura somehow kept the project going whilst accommodating my lack of decision making and dealing with new ideas I managed to dream up at the last minute.

Having someone who knew what they were doing and had lots of experience with this type of building was helpful as Laura and Scott could answer and give advice when our knowledge ran out.

The end result is a fantastic shed, better than what we could have initially envisaged. The process was actually enjoyable and if I can dream up a reason to do it again I would without hesitation.”

- Craig Brockliss

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