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Bring Golf Home with a TigerTurf Putting Green

A TigerTurf golf putting green turned a difficult area into some family fun!As section sizes shrink, we see more homeowners come up with imaginative ways to get the best use out of the recreational area they do have. A TigerTurf sports surface guarantees a top-quality, durable turf designed to give you an excellent playing surface in your own garden.

  • Turf: Golf
  • Date Project Completed: October 2016
  • Area: 80m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Pure Putt and Envy 35
  • Base: Compacted metal base

Refine your short game in your own backyard
TigerTurf successfully installed a PurePutt green on a terraced lawn at a Redcliff home recently. What a great way to take advantage of an 80m² lawn exposed to the sometimes harsh elements on the rugged cliffs above the east coast of Christchurch. This green includes a bunker at one end – the perfect opportunity to refine your short game right there at home.

Looks great with minimal care
As the popularity of multi-sports turfs for home gardens continues to rise, TigerTurf regularly installs synthetic courts designed for golf, tennis, netball, and hockey. Your lawn can so easily become the focus of family fun, friendly rivalry, and serious sports practice. And it will look twice as good, with minimal care.

Popularity of back yard putting greens is growing
Golf greens and bunkers have become immensely popular in home gardens, and with good reason. New Zealanders love to get outdoors and play all kinds of sports.

Demand for home putting greens and bunkers are growing
With so many keen golfers amongst us, the demand for home putting greens and bunkers are naturally growing. Attractive landscape features all year round, golf greens are great fun for family gatherings and friendly challenges.

And we mustn’t forget the main reason for making a putting green the feature of your lawn. No need to put the clubs in the boot and drive to the golf club; with your own green at home you’ll keep your short game trim, and when your short game improves, the scorecard looks pretty.

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