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This well-appointed home with stunning views of Wellington city called for a master bedroom 'retreat' for these adults! Now they can take in all they have around them directly from bed whilst snuggled up in gorgeous luxury bed linens!

The builders were booked to start this home renovation which involved a master bedroom up-grade, the addition of a walk-in-wardrobe, an office space and an extension to the current en-suite. The clients felt they lacked idea's and were worried about making mistakes so brought me onboard to help.

The brief included defining the style, choosing a colour palette, window treatments, lighting, flooring, furnishings and bed linen. The en-suite included a style guide, colours, tiles, fixtures and fittings, including the custom designed vanity and lighting.

As with all jobs, it’s imperative that I tested the design to ensure what is proposed fits the clients brief, is stylish yet functional and is the best use of space. It was at this point I noted some sticking points and suggested altering the original plans. Needless to say the clients were delighted with my revisions and adopted them 100%. My suggestion included a partition wall to allow us to reposition the bed as the focal point in the room and for the clients to enjoy the amazing views from their bed! This is now a beautiful yet functional oasis which my clients deserve and love.

“by the end we completely trusted her to make decisions on our behalf as she spent the time with us to understand our brief”

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