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Bush Garden Waitakere

This garden is tucked in to the edge of native bush but with sheltered sunny glades and welcome shade in the hot summer months. The house, built in the 1960s was raised high above the ground and one of the key design aims was to connect the living areas better with the garden. To achieve this, two deck were built that split the difference in level in two. This allows the owner to easily access the decks which have a good sense of being immersed in the garden and from which its detailed qualities can be appreciated. Garden routes lead through a stepping stone paved kanuka glade, over boardwalk and dry river bed garden and explore an unusual variety of shade loving species thrive in the protection of the existing trees. The owner is undertaking a house extension which has been carefully integrated with the garden to ensure that the gardens are enhanced by the new building.

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A boardwalk over the rain garden attended by lush planting
Approach to the house through a glade-like space
Natural stone stepping stones lead through the kanuka glade which features all native planting of grasses, ferns and understorey shrubs
A rain garden was created to help detain and retain stormwater on site. It was surfaced with carefully graded boulders and pebbles.
The blue flowered walking iris, Neomarica caerulea, is a feature of the garden, flanking the rain garden bridge
The detailed markings and elegant form of the flowers of walking iris are captivating.
Simple native ground cover of creeping fuchsia, sedges and taupata spread under the existing titoki and clothe te more dfficult corners of the site.
The glades around the house become a woodland garden, combining native ferns, nikau, sedges and exotic perennials and shrubs.

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