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Carlton Butchery

2012, Central City Christchurch  

This project sits on the site formerly occupied by the Carlton Butchery, a listed heritage building critically damaged in earthquakes. The brief called for a mixed-use development with hospitality to the ground floor, office on the 1st floor and an apartment to the 2nd and third floors. The new design embraces the character of the demolished building, sitting comfortably within the existing heritage fabric.

The post-earthquake design is much the same as the original scheme in plan. The Victoria St elevation uses contemporary techniques and materials to trace elements of the original facade. Screens with perforations at various diameters describe the detailing in the original plastered facade.

The apartment is skinned with a polycarbonate cladding which, during the day reflects the surrounding elements, while at night it illuminates giving the box an ephemeral glow.  

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