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Case Study UK National Hotel Chain

In a month-long trial in 24 bedrooms in a wing of one of their hotels, 12 rooms were installed with 1kW Herschel Select XL Infrared heaters and 12 were left with the existing 1.5kW panel convection heaters.  All heaters were linked to a central data logger.

All rooms were in normal hotel use and customers were free to set whatever temperature for their own comfort. 

At the end of the month, the Herschel Infrared heaters had averaged 25% energy savings relative to the existing units with no loss of comfort for the customers and an improvement in "soft" benefits (stable temperature, and no "clicking" from the old panel heaters).

Savings can be extrapolated to suggest £26 per room per annum based on a 34 week heating season. Across the hotel estate this would equate to £1.2 million savings.

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