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Wolf Construction is a full-service construction company and member of Certified Builders. We cover a range of house builds but predominantly specialise in high end renovations, restorations and alterations of heritage homes around Auckland.

With a professional approach and an extensive understanding of the building industry, our projects are built with care and attention to detail.

Within our established team of dedicated licensed building practitioners and able apprentices we have over 50 years’ collective experience delivering high standards. We provide everything from the earthworks to completed build, with a core team of sub trades and engineers that we work closely alongside. We are equally happy to partner with other experts in their field as building a home is a collaborative journey.

We always start with sitting down and talking with our clients and their architect to gain a full understanding of your goals and priorities. Every build, regardless of size or budget matters, so we provide a tailored process to meet your specific needs at the start of a project to ensure everyone is informed, happy and able to provide input.

We understand that building a new property, or renovating an existing one can be a stressful and emotional process. Comprehensive planning around the logistics and procurement along with diligent communication gives us a consistent view across timings and budgets, keeping you well-informed along the way.