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Clayton Park School

Designed by the students in dazzling colours, the TigerTurf Trophy playground and landscape lawns is now a masterpiece in colourful functionality. The clear blue playground resonates with the reds, golds and greens of the geometric shapes that form interactive games around the perimeter of the playground. Inviting? This irresistible and joyous playground was created by TigerTurf in accordance with the school’s initial plan.

  • Turf: Education & Playgrounds
  • Date Project Completed: October 2020
  • Area: 470m2
  • Surface: TigerTurf Trophy & Summer Envy 35 XWR
  • Base: Full Build

Playing games at Clayton Park School
The problem to solve for Clayton Park was an existing drab, uninteresting playground on a soggy, poorly drained site that the school wanted students to enjoy every day. To comply with the learning opportunities stated in the national curriculum, the school grounds must offer the students safe areas to promote outdoor activity, social interaction, and structured learning; however, the playground remained sadly neglected. Clayton Park School was about to change all that.

Involve students in the planning and construction of playgrounds that will capture their hearts
Together, we identified the main problems, found ways of solving them, and decided on the synthetic surfaces that would best suit the school’s needs.

The School consulted the students from the outset engaging their keen interest in the process of creating an all-weather, multi-use playground. From opening day, the students owned and respected their playground, participating enthusiastically in outdoor play in recreational and structured learning time.

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